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We're campaigning, in partnership with the Soil Association, for better food and service for children eating out in restaurants, cafés and pubs – get involved!


There's a real problem

Children's menus in restaurants and pubs aren't making the grade. Organix and the Soil Association have researched 21 of the most popular high street restaurants and pubs and none of them are providing the standard we should expect when eating out as a family. Adults get a broad range of meals to choose from, but children's choices are often restricted to the same unhealthy, predictable options, which isn't fair!


What we found


  • More than 57% of the restaurants and pubs we surveyed have the 'usual suspects' like nuggets, sausages and burgers in most or all of their meat dishes
  • More than 38% do not offer a portion of vegetables or salad with most of their main meals
  • More than 80% give no indication of where food comes from on the menu
  • More than 90% do not offer children's portions of adult meals as standard
  • More than half don't provide the option of children's cutlery


What we're fighting for

Organix Out To Lunch

We are campaigning for restaurants to commit to five key actions which are basic requirements but will have a huge impact on the experience for children:

  • Offer all children the choice of a child's portion of adult meals
  • Serve freshly prepared food, not ready meals
  • Offer free water to all families on arrival
  • Offer children's cutlery as standard
  • Make breastfeeding mums feel welcome


We need your help

In order for restaurants to change they need to know that their customers, you, care about the issues, think the current situation is unacceptable and are demanding change. There are three easy actions you can take below:

  • Share your experiences: Our team are meeting regularly with top chain restaurants to advise them how to improve and we can put your opinions to them. Sharing good and bad experiences with other parents and families can help people know where to go and vote with their feet. The more we talk about the issues the more the industry will take notice of our demands.
  • Spread the word: Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the campaign to help raise awareness.
  • Stay in touch: We'll be doing lots more to campaign for better choice and experiences for children in restaurants, cafés and pubs. To keep informed and hear how you can help click here

Last updated: over 3 years ago