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New cereals to help your little ones

We know that variety is essential to a baby's development, and by encouraging little ones to explore and discover food with lots of different textures you can help familiarise your baby with a wide range of foods through each stage of their food journey.

Organix cereals

To celebrate our new range of cereals, offering you a wide variety of textures and tastes to serve up each morning, we have developed a stage-by-stage guide to help you if you need some inspiration and help at breakfast time.


Our stage-by-stage guide to breakfast


Early weaning - Stage 1 (four months+)*

Organix cereals 

When your baby is starting out on their texture journey, keep it simple with smooth textures and mild tastes. Introducing new flavours and textures to your little one at the breakfast table now will help build their confidence with food on-going.

Developed in our Organix kitchen, our Stage 1 baby rice with added vitamin b1 is the perfect introduction for little ones on their texture journey. Organically grown and with a light and fluffy texture, it's suitable for babies from four months and helps you to introduce your little one to solid food. Just mix the rice up with your baby's usual milk so it tastes reassuringly familiar. The creamy consistency will make it irresistibly tasty and perfect for tiny tummies.

Our Stage 1 porridges (strawberry and banana and banana and mango) are deliciously creamy when mixed with baby's usual milk helping your little one to enjoy discovering new, light textures. With real strawberries, bananas and mango, all the flavour comes from the fruit, with no added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners, making it naturally sweet for your baby to enjoy.

As your little one progresses why not add a little more texture by adding some mashed banana or yoghurt? Discovering these exciting new tastes and textures will help prepare your baby for a broader variety of tastes and textures at stage 2.


Moving on - Stage 2 (seven months+)

Organix cereals 

When you and your little one are ready to move on to the next step in the development journey, our stage 2 cereals are perfect for introducing more challenging textures. Learning to understand the feeling of texture is great early on as it helps your baby to tackle more difficult textures later. But don't worry if your baby finds it challenging to start with, stop and try again in a few days' time. We have created two breakfast cereals; new multigrain mini cereal puffs with added vitamin b1 and banana and plum porridge for little ones aged seven months plus.

Unique in texture, our multigrain mini cereal puffs are a baby version of the popular adult rice puffs cereal. The delicious mix of tiny crispy puffs of rice, corn and wheat have been developed to enable your little one to discover a chunky breakfast, but with a soft, easy to chew texture.

Alternatively there's our softly chewable banana and plum porridge with a mix of tiny plum chunks, small chewy oats and crispy rice puffs. With no added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners, the banana and plum provide all the flavour.

Both cereals are perfect for allowing little ones to move on and discover a selection of new tastes and textures at breakfast time. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try adding some grated apple or pieces of banana. The light, crunchy texture and the smooth, soft pieces of mango and banana will be a new and interesting texture to your baby.

Selected cereals available now in Ocado and Sainsbury, coming soon in ASDA and Tesco.


Last updated: over 3 years ago