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Little Things that make a big difference

As every parent knows, it can be the little things we do with our children that create memories that last forever. It may be making sandcastles on the beach, flying a kite on the top of a hill or simply snuggling up and reading a favourite book at bedtime.

At Organix we're passionate about children's food and know that little things can make a big difference to helping children grow up with a love of good food. Growing toddlers need regular meals and snacks, that are full of nutrients, and it's important to make sure they avoid unnecessary or artificial ingredients which might do them harm.

This is why our Goodies foods come with our No Junk Promise - a little stamp of reassurance that makes a big difference to parents.


Organix Goodies is celebrating the little things by giving away thousands of little things in our summer promotion. You could win a ride on a train, a night sleeping under the stars, the chance to feed an elephant or any one of thousands of other prizes - and every pack wins! For more information and details of how to win little things that make a big difference please see selected packs which will be appearing stores as of mid-June or follow the link here...

If there's any little things that have made a big difference to you and your little ones that you would like to share with us, visit Facebook.com/GoodiesOrganix

Make sure you look out for our Little Goodies Tour happening in the summer…another little thing that we hope will make a big difference to some of your days out



Last updated: over 2 years ago