Cooking for your little one

We recently did some research with parents and found out that 40% of them have a repertoire of just seven children's meals.

Lots of us tend to repeat the same main recipes week in, week out. However, research suggests that introducing a little more variety to children's diets is a great idea - there are lots of benefits to introducing little ones to a variety of tastes and textures early on. 

In fact, Dr. Frankie Phillips, a leading child nutritionist, commented: "These early stages can shape your child's relationship with food and influence their diet in adulthood, so it is vital to get it right now. Presenting your children with an interesting variety of food when they are little helps them to love real, good food as they grow up."

If you are really busy, try substituting different ingredients to frequently cooked recipes, to make sure you add some variety – try carrots instead of peas or pork instead of lamb. If you're struggling for inspiration, include some extra fruit and veg on your child's plate. This will help expose your child to a range of different tastes and textures at mealtimes, with no extra cooking involved.

At Organix we've also worked hard to develop lots of ways to make it easier for parents to create new meal ideas for little ones and get them excited about the tastes of real food, building the foundations of a lifelong love of real food. Our Cook with Organix range means that our clever cook Jack has done the hard part for you and by adding your own special touches you can create a meal perfect for your little one – tasty mealtime recipes created by Organix, made by mums.

Recipe Bases

We all want to help our children grow up to love a wide variety of foods and flavours, so we've created Recipe Bases; meals that you can just add your own ingredients to, tailoring them for your little ones. All our meals start with a healthy portion of pasta or rice to make sure little tummies feel full and satisfied. Mixed into these are delicious organic veggies packed full of natural sweetness and bite, plus just the right herbs and spices. From here, you can simply add in a few finishing touches depending on what you have in the fridge.

  • Top tip: add cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella to the Tomatoey Spaghetti for the flavours of Italy.

In five minutes, you can transform your recipe base into a tasty meal created by you. And, because each tray has two portions you can pop the unmade portion in the fridge and use it the next day to make a different meal. Or pop it in the freezer to use another time.

Perfect for children aged 10 months to three years plus.


Paste Pots

Over the last few years, we've been encouraged to try more unusual tasting dishes from across the world, so why should our children be different? We want to make sure the range of flavours and tastes we enjoy as adults is available for children too – from Thai curries, to Indian spices and Italian flavours. Offering a wide range of tastes like this to your child will allow meal times to remain exciting and help them to grow up enjoying a broader range of food and to enjoy a lifelong love of good food.

So we've created a range of delicious Paste Pots to inspire you, and to help your little one to try new and more complex flavours without you having to do anything too complicated. Gentle on tiny tastebuds, they're well-balanced with hints of interesting herbs and spices to help your child be a more adventurous eater. Try our Mild Thai Green Curry for coconut sweetness with a tiny hint of lemongrass and coriander.

Each Paste Pot makes three to five portions and cooks in around 30 minutes. Serve up one portion, and then pop the rest in the fridge or freezer to use another time.

Perfect children aged seven months to three years plus.


Last updated: over 3 years ago