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Organix - Learning to Love Food


Organix believe passionately about inspiring a lifelong love of good food in children.

We create real food with real ingredients that offer mums and little ones healthy, nutritious choices, full of flavour with nothing artificial or unnecessary.

Find out more about us, what we believe and what we do here.


Discover new cereals

New cereals

To celebrate our new range of cereals, offering you a wide variety of textures and tastes to serve up each morning, take a look at our stage-by-stage guide to help you if you need some inspiration and help at breakfast time.

Learning to love good food

Baby feeding

Get practical advice for teaching your child how to love new tastes and textures. Organix's food guide has answers to common questions, plus creative ways to help introduce your child to new foods.

Food planner and recipes

Food planner

Organix has a wide selection of recipes to get your child interested in food. You can sort them by age or stage and filter them by food needs and diets. There's even a weekly food planner to help make things easier.

Help your little one snack the healthy way


Organix Goodies has a wide range of delicious snacks for your toddler. They all come with Organix's no junk promise and are made with 100% organic ingredients.

Give your toddler a healthy, balanced diet with Organix

Girl Eating

Everybody, no matter how young, deserves to eat well. Great-tasting organic ingredients can encourage a life-long love of food. Find out more about giving your toddler a healthy balanced diet.

Learning to feed myself

Baby eating

Top tips from our nutritionist Dr Frankie Phillips on how you can help your little ones develop the skills they need to feed themselves


Lucy Thomas

We held Q&As and invited experts to answer your questions on food and nutrition, handling challenging situations and fussy eaters and children's eating habits.