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Wake up to a balanced breakfast

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Give your children a good start to the day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Overnight your child’s blood sugar levels drop dramatically, so they need a balanced breakfast to raise these levels slowly to help keep them going. Research shows that as many as one child in four regularly misses breakfast and those that do manage to eat it are not getting the balanced nutrition they need to get a good start to the day*.

What is a balanced breakfast?

A balanced breakfast is one that contains elements from the major food groups. A good example is a 15g serving of Nutella on wholegrain toast together with a bowl of low or no sugar cereal with milk and a glass of pure fruit juice, which can  help provide kids with slow release energy.

Mornings can sometimes be a struggle in our house, how can I avoid battles and get the kids to have a balanced breakfast?  

Get the kids involved at breakfast time by letting them help you set the table, which will assist in establishing a good routine. Lots of children don’t eat breakfast because they don’t like what is on offer, so it’s important to give them something that is nutritious but also tastes great. By laying down good habits early in life, you’ll be setting your kids on the right path for a healthy diet as they grow.  

How can I get my kids to have a healthy, active lifestyle?


Encourage your kids to lead a healthy, active lifestyle by getting them to be physically active for at least an hour every day. This doesn't have to be done all at once, it can be built up over the day, so try to walk them to school and encourage them to take part in after-school activities.

Nutella: The Facts
Nutella is a hazelnut spread. Each 400g jar contains 52 hazelnuts, the equivalent of a 200ml glass of skimmed milk and some cocoa.** When spread on wholegrain toast without butter/alternative, Nutella can be a good component of a balanced breakfast. In a 15g portion, Nutella contains 80kcals, 4.7g fat and 8.3g sugar.

The ‘Eatwell’ plate model, designed by the Food Standards Agency, shows that a balanced diet can contain sugar and fat in smaller quantities. The key is balance and moderation – some foods like fruit and vegetables in large amounts and others like Nutella in smaller amounts.
Nutella has a third less fat than most peanut butters and less sugar than most jams***
Recommended on wholegrain toast with no butter/spread. Nutella is free from artificial preservatives and hydrogenated fat.

For more information about Nutella's role in a balanced breakfast visit www.wakeuptonutella.co.uk

* 2007 Nutella Breakfast Time Report

** Contains skimmed milk powder equivalent to a 200ml glass of skimmed milk, 7.4% cocoa.

*** Food Standards Agency (2002) McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods, Sixth Summary edition. Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry

Last updated: over 3 years ago