Stay safe with Wii Message Board & Parental Controls

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Forget hand-scrawled notes stuck to the fridge door, the Wii Message Board can be used as a household notice board, as well as a way of exchanging pictures and messages with your family.

To let you know you've got a new message your Wii console will show a flashing blue light.

The Wii Message Board also logs which software has been in use and for how long - it's a great way for parents to keep track of how much the console has been used on any given day.


To offer you piece of mind when your children are playing on their own or with friends, the Wii Parental Controls will allow you to easily block games that you think are unsuitable for your children, simply by using their PEGI age rating.

When you apply Parental Controls, you'll be asked to set a 4-digit PIN that allows you to adjust the settings in the future. If your Wii console has internet options, the parental controls can help you block them too, including access to the News Channel, Message Boards, and Wii Points.

Last updated: about 3 years ago