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Be social with Multiplayer & Wii Online


Remote Balance

The whole family can enjoy Wii, and it's a great way for the kids to show mum and dad who's boss! It’s perfect for when they'e got friends over too, as games like hide and seek on Wii Party get everyone playing together. Up to four people can play in your living room - so there's no arguing over whose turn it is - or you can take on the world online.


Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection® is a free service offered by Nintendo, allowing you to play with other Nintendo fans over the internet.

Play with Ease:
No specialist knowledge is required, so you'll be playing before you know it.

Play Safe:
Know who you're playing with, by sharing Friend Codes with people you know.

Play for Free:
Apart from the standard cost of your internet package, there is no additional charge to play via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


Last updated: over 3 years ago