Time for a Story

Time together is precious. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time with your little ones? Whether you’re a parent, relative or friend, you can’t always be near to your child, but with Time for a Story being apart can actually bring you closer together!


Time for a Story is a brand new service available on Windows Live Messenger which allows you to see and talk with your little ones via your PC while you share the magic of an interactive story or activity… no matter where you are!


Let the internet keep you together. Using Time for a Story is as easy as making a video call. All you’ll need is a PC with an internet connection, Windows Live Messenger, a webcam and a microphone (if your webcam doesn’t have one built in). The words of the story will appear on your screen. As you read, your child’s screen comes to life with colourful characters and animations that they can interact with!


Great stories that your kids will love. We’ve got three great Noddy stories to get you started with many more to be added soon.

4 simple steps to get started:
1)  Get Windows Live Messenger. Time for a Story is an activity that you access through Windows Live Messenger: download it for free here!

2)  Get a web/microphone. Connect and set up your webcam and/or microphone. You can use Time for a Story without a webcam but it’s much more fun if you can see each other.

3)  Person NOT with the child starts a video call in Messenger. Launch Windows Live Messenger, then start a video call with the child [or a voice call if you don’t have a webcam connected].

4)  Start Time for a Story. Once you’re connected to each other, click the ‘Activities’ menu in Messenger and select Time for a Story from the drop-down list. Or just click the ‘Launch It’ button on the Time for a Story Website (this is the only option if launching outside the UK). You’ll then be asked to choose a story to read together. Simple!


WIN! Give your feedback on Time for a Story with other Mumsnetters in the forum, here, before the 16th December and you will be entered into a prize draw where six lots £25 M&S vouchers are being given away – totally £150!


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