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Save time and space with new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks



Say "so long" to clutter on your carpet with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks – a clever new way for your kids to play with their favourite track sets – on the wall!

Life will be easier for mums and dads as those space-stealing stunt sets go vertical. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks stick fast to the wall thanks to the ultimate household hanging solution 3M Command strips. These clever sticky strips hold the track tight but are extremely safe and easy to peel off with no damage to your walls.

With less mess on the floor, there's no need to spend your time building and breaking down track sets when you need the space. And your kids will love having their very own race track as a permanent design fixture in their room.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are so easy to use. They come with a hanging template so you’ll know exactly how to set them up. Plus they are fully customisable and connect to other Hot Wheels gravity track sets so kids can mix and match sets to create their own personal race track while you enjoy a little bit more space in your living room. 

Call 01628 500111 for stockist info.

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We asked 20 Mumsnetters and their DCs to put Hot Wheels Wall Tracks to the test - these were the results.


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Last updated: over 3 years ago