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 Simply fuller longer

Exclusive to M&S, and developed with expert advice from scientists, the Simply Fuller Longer range is based on the principle that protein fills you up more than carbohydrate or fat.

And because you feel fuller for longer, you should be able to control hunger more, reducing the temptation to snack. Products can be included as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance diet. 

There are lots of exciting new lines in the range, that are surprising too – diets don’t need to be boring with the new Keralan Chicken Curry with Spiced Samosa Crust, and there’s Creamy Chicken, Chunky Vegetable and Angel Hair Pie, a surprising dish that proves pastry doesn’t need to be off-limits for dieters. With interesting dishes such as these, it doesn’t feel as if you’re on a diet.

The scientific bit

Over the past year, we've carried out independent diet trials in overweight women and men who have been following a Simply Fuller Longer meal plan for four weeks. These results have not been published, and we have more research underway, but the results so far look promising: 

  • All participants in the study lost weight, with an average reduction of 5% of total body weight over four weeks
  • Participants felt fuller - which meant that they ate fewer calories than they were eating before, but at the same time reported that they didn't feel as hungry
  • There were improvements in body composition such as fat loss and reduced waist size

Losing weight with 'Simply Fuller Longer'

Losing weight is all about energy balance - taking in fewer calories than we use. For sensible sustained weight loss we would suggest 1500 calories a day for women and around 2000 for men. Of course this depends on many factors such as starting weight, height and age. It's important to monitor and control your calorie intake because the simple fact is that if you eat too many calories, from any food, you won't lose weight. For an estimate of how many calories you need, use your diet plan.

Using the menu planner

Use our Simply Fuller Longer four week meal planner to help you lose weight

The meal planner is based around 1000 calories and is designed to be flexible, so adapt it to suit you requirements. To assess how many calories you need, try the diet plan tool. The days of the week don't need to be stuck to rigidly, and you can swap meals around, providing you stick within your calorie limits.


Last updated: over 3 years ago