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Kids innovations

M&S has long been trusted for quality and value, but did you know we're constantly innovating too?

The little things that make a big difference

Stormwear™ with Stain Defence™ The special Stormwear™ protection and Stain Defence™ finish on our school uniform shorts, trousers, skirts, blazers and pinafores helps to keep kids dry, and mucky splashes just wipe off.

Expandicuff™ Little fingers can struggle with buttons, especially on shirt cuffs. With Expandicuff™, they can pull up their sleeves without undoing the buttons. Perfect for changing after PE.


Keep them warm in chilly weather

ThermalsOur thermal socks and underwear range for girls and boys is soft and cosy. Specially designed to give comfy insulation with HEATGEN™ Thermal. These versatile pieces are made from a special fibre blend that uses the body's moisture and acts as insulation so the heat is retained.

Even better, the fibres are beautifully soft, so kids will stay comfy and cosy even in the chilliest weather. 



Communion dresses

CommunionDid you know M&S have beautiful dresses specially designed for her first communion? So she'll look perfect on her special day.


Last updated: over 3 years ago