Macmillan Cancer Support

No one should face cancer alone

Cancer is the toughest fight most of us will ever face. And even with your family around you, it can feel like a lonely time. But no one has to face cancer alone – the Macmillan team is here for families every step of the way.


MNers share their stories

Macmillan and MNers have been working together to make sure that no mum ever faces cancer alone. By offering access to support when it's needed most, we can reach even more mums like Emma and Sarah, who shared their stories.

Questions about cancer?

If you're affected by cancer it's vital to have someone there for you. We had a Q&A and put your questions to a panel of MNers affected by cancer, and a Macmillan nurse. You can read the answers here.

Join our team

From holding a coffee morning to going on a sponsored walk, there are loads of family friendly ways you can support Macmillan. So why not see what’s right for your family?

If you've been affected by cancer, what helped you?

At Macmillan we believe no one should face cancer alone. Talking to others who have faced cancer and sharing advice and support can be invaluable. So, if you’ve experienced cancer, what helped you get through it?