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Supper inspiration sorted with Lamb

Let's face it: dinner time can be downright stressful. With busy lives and decisions to be made all day, figuring out supper can feel like a chore itself.

Are you zapped of kitchen inspiration come dinner time? The key is experimentation. 

Your secret weapon to wow the whole family is not just for Sundays any more: it's lamb, of course! Whether it's spiced, roasted, minced, in chops, over pasta, with pita - you'll love its depth of flavour and versatility. 

Research says that lamb is considered the tastiest of all meats and with all the cuts and combinations available, there's something for everyone at the table - from refined palates to the weaning little ones.

Lamb is a staple in today's kitchen, a fact owed to a time-honoured heritage. Three-year-old Max, from a farm in Worcestershire, is in line to becoming a fifth-generation sheep farmer - and he absolutely loves lamb. If you ask him what his favourite dish is, he'll say 'roast lamb and narnips' (parsnips).

It's a family affair at the farm, where even Max's grandma and granddad still live nearby - making their own cider from the farm's orchard and selling farm eggs locally. Max's dad calls it 'a way of life' - showing their dedication to the craft. While Maggie, Max's sheepdog, might be a bit rubbish at herding, Max and his family are well on their way to keeping the heritage alive.

From the farm to the kitchen, quality assured lamb is sure to surprise and delight. Looking for some inspiration for tonight's supper? Here's some supremely delicious recipes, helpful tips, and quick tutorials on serving up a memorable meal. Take the Perfect Lamb Match quiz to discover your new favourite dish and have some post-dinner fun with the kids on the Save Max'sFlock game.

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Last updated: over 3 years ago