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Top apps

Back in December we asked Mumsnet to lend us a hand finding out what websites and apps keep you and your family entertained when you're feeling under the weather.

Based on your fantastic suggestions we've collated them into a quick overview for you to dip into and find something new to discover, whether that's for the next time you need a bit of ‘me' time or simply when you need to find something for the children that is safe and MN approved!

Fashion forward

PinterestSet to be one of 2012's hottest websites many of you have been quick off the mark with Pinterest, a site allowing you to become curator of your own online gallery based on your favourite tips from across the web. You can create and manage theme-based image collections for all to see and share, so if you need to show the family your wedding present wishes or just nudge the DH towards your perfect birthday present, this is the place to do it!

Continuing the style theme, shopstyle.co.uk received the seal of approval so head there today to get your spring look together ahead of the game.

Slightly more offbeat is the hilarious Awkward Family Photo – if you ever thought that your DH's photography skills were a little cringeworthy, be thankful that you're not on here. Yet.

On the move

PolaroidFor those of you with smart phones, or those that prefer your technology to be used on the move, last year's favourite was, without a doubt, Instagram, the ever popular photo-sharing app for iPhone that saves all the fuss of expensive photo developing and delivers stunning looking photos whenever you need them with ease.

It will be of no surprise to hear that a lot of time was spent with the ever-frustrating Angry Birds too (which is now available to play at home too if you're using Google Chrome here).

That said, apps shouldn't all be about timewasting – many of you selected Jamie Oliver's 20-Minute Meals  as an app that every Mumsnetter should have, with loads of quick and healthy dinner time solutions to keep the family happily fed for some time to come.

Safe for children

Last but not least, it's always difficult to give recommendations for children online but there's one place that garnered your approval and that's Moshi Monsters, a fantastically colourful online game allowing your children to adopt a monster and interact with other friends online. The site is build with parental approval across the board and you can easily monitor your child's activity whenever you need.

Heading back to the real world, both the RSPCA and RSPB have a wide range of interesting games and stories about different animals for your child to enjoy whilst learning at the same time, and on the app front Elmo ABC and Fireman Sam came out tops in 2011.

And that's that – let us know your favourite apps and websites at www.facebook.com/kleenexUK and thanks to everyone who took part!

Last updated: over 3 years ago