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Kleenex | Ultimate soothing tips for this winter

Because Kleenex know that you never grow out of a little comfort, they're building the ultimate resource for cold and flu sufferers, full of tips to comfort poorly Brits this winter.

Kleenex Balsam tissues contain a protective balm with calendula to soothe your nose and help prevent your skin from drying out, and are a great source of comfort this winter! However, Kleenex wanted to know what top advice Mumsnetters had to share on soothing winter ills in their family.
From curling up on the sofa with a hot drink, a warm bath to relieve aches and pains or watching a favourite film to take your mind of off things, it seems children of all ages benefit from a little bit of TLC.

Kleenex's favourite tips from Mumsnetters

"When colds strike in our house we soldier on as long as possible. Then we take to the sofa, drink gallons of tea, eat digestive biscuits and watch rubbish romcom films whilst looking for sympathy from the non-affected members of the family"

"I read Nora Roberts, Terry Pratchett or Georgette Heyer novels, with R4 on in the background. I watch TV when I feel a little better curled up under a furry throw. A hot toddy is essential, to sweat it out!"

"If DC are poorly, they can bring their duvets downstairs, curl up on the sofa and choose what they watch on TV all day (the all day TV and the own choice are both treats!)"

"Cashmere socks, fleece pyjamas, snuggly dressing gown with endless cups of tea and stacks of Kleenex. Lie pitifully on sofa under duvet and channel surf all day"

"For colds we serve our amazing chicken broth. Warm through chicken stock and then add liberal amounts of the following: ginger, lemon juice, chillies and soya sauce. It's packed full of vitamins and minerals, light enough to appeal to curbed appetites and the ginger and chillies give it a kick that sorts out even the stubbornest blocked nose"

"My mum always made me boiled eggs and soldiers when I was poorly. I still crave it now and give it to my DS."

If you have some advice of your own to share you can do so by uploading a photo or video of your top soothing tip to our online competition. Each month we'll be selecting the best entry (and perhaps a few runners-up) to win John Lewis vouchers, so get your creative juices flowing and enter here.


Last updated: over 3 years ago