Kleenex | Kleenex launches UK's first Coldline



It's that time of year again: clocks going back, shorter days and colder weather. We all know that this generally means that the cold and flu season is looming. This winter, however, you need not suffer alone, because Kleenex has launched the Kleenex Balsam Coldline.

Kleenex Balsam Coldline

A dedicated hotline for cold and flu sufferers, the Coldline will offer words of sympathy and comfort, along with a couple of motivational messages, from some the nation's most recognisable celebrity voices, as impersonated by comedienne, actress and impressionist Ronni Ancona.

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The Kleenex Balsam Coldline responds to new research revealing that a staggering 47% of us feel we don't get enough sympathy when feeling under the weather, and as a nation, we never grow out of a little comfort with 39% of us still calling our mum for support when suffering with cold or flu.

So, if your mum's not around, you're not getting the sympathy you deserve, or you just need something to brighten up your day you can call the free phone Kleenex Balsam Coldline on 0808 2653 358 to hear messages from Ronni's take on some of the UK's most recognisable voices to help you feel better.


Last updated: about 3 years ago