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KLEENEX® Anti-Viral tissues - the end to 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue

kleenex anti viral logoThe crusade against evil cold and flu viruses has been waged for centuries, but at long last, the forces of good have a new champion in the form of KLEENEX® Anti-Viral tissues!

Did you know that you and your family are five times more likely to catch a cold or flu virus than families without children? This is because our kids can easily bring colds home with them, starting off a cold or flu cycle that spreads throughout the whole family.

Cold and flu viruses are extremely contagious and very resilient to the air, living for 24 hours outside the human body - especially on our used tissues!

However, help is now at hand for mums throughout the land - we proudly present KLEENEX® Anti-Viral tissues – the end to 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue*!

These heroic tissues begin working as soon as they come into contact with evil cold and flu viruses, and they kill all the major viruses that give us and our families the sniffles and sneezes.

Also, just to bring even more good things into the world, we've created three enchanting children's stories based upon our theme of Good versus Evil, beautifully narrated by Simon Callow, which are available for you to download absolutely FREE as a series of podcasts!

Kleenex dragon



kleenex pod cast








Which Mumsnetter has the best tip for coping with colds and flu?
Click here to see Mumsnetters' tips and advice on keeping their family cold and flu free. Vote for the tip you think is most useful, and you could be the lucky winner of £500 of Center Parcs vouchers.

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* KLEENEX® Anti-Viral tissues contain a secret weapon! Hidden in the middle is a special moisture-activated layer, which contains active ingredients that trap and kill nearly all cold and flu viruses within 15 minutes of coming in contact with them. This includes Influenza A and B, Rhinoviruses Type 1a and 2, which are the leading causes of colds, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), the leading cause of lower respiratory infection in children.

Last updated: about 3 years ago