Safe gaming and entertainment for the entire family

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 With games, movies, live TV, sports, music and more all available on the console, Xbox 360 is the perfect entertainment centre in the living room for the entire family. 

If you have children, there are some simple ways for you as a parent to control what games and entertainment your kids experience. Microsoft offers a robust set of 'Family Settings' on the Xbox 360 as well as other products, and more information can be found at a special website called Play Smart Play Safe.

Tips to get you started

Start with a conversation
Safer gaming for the family starts with a healthy dialogue. Before turning on your Xbox sit down with your child and have a conversation. Do this as a family and discuss that some games and entertainment are out of reach depending on the age of your child.

Set up a Family Timer
You can regulate the type of games played by your child and the amount of time they spend playing on the console. The Xbox 360 Family Timer enables parents to decide the amount of time the Xbox can be used by individual members of their family. For instance, if you want your child to spend a maximum of an hour a day you can set the console so after the chosen time your child will no longer be able to use it. Access the Guide Here

Check the Ratings
You can also use Family Settings to make sure your child is playing games for the correct age group. Video game age ratings are just like the ratings on a DVD. You can access more information about the PEGI ratings here.

Xbox LIVE* Family Settings.
Xbox 360 allows you as a parent to control your child's access to online interactions. These include tools to allow you to control the content accessed e.g. the kind of downloadable goodies that your kids can gain access to, as well as the type of entertainment they can watch from LOVEFiLM, Channel 4, Channel 5, YouTube and more now available on Xbox LIVE. Access the Guide Here

Xbox LIVE* Gold Family Pack
The Xbox LIVE Family Gold Pack is great for multiple members of one family, by offering up to four 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for less than the price of two. It offers access to the Family Center for easier family management, access to Activity Monitoring reports, discounts on family-friendly content and more.


Family playing Kinect

*Broadband connection required for Xbox LIVE


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