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Tales from Ribena Farm

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Making juicy smoothies 

The blackcurrants in our Ribena squash are grown by a handful of farmers in the British countryside. On a sunny day in June, 12 lucky families, including five from Mumsnet, visited three of our blackcurrant farms – watch the videos to see what happened.

You'll meet the British blackcurrant growers, learn how the farms provide habitats for the local wildlife and find out how to make your own tasty blackcurrant smoothies!



YoutubeCatch up on all the videos of the families down on the Ribena farm. Maybe they'll inspire you to escape to the country or go berry picking at your local farm.








"It's really good that Ribena are using British farmers." – Michelle Kirby   



"If everyone did a bit for their kids and the environment, it would make it a lot better, wouldn't it?" – Adele Gregory


"We certainly had fun – big fun. Laura says it's been the best day of her life." – Sarah Clough



"Try it. I tried it, it’s yummy." – Tia Jacques

All the families loved getting stuck in to farm life, so why not get your family involved in some great activities for everyone to enjoy? Check out our activity guides below.






Keep the kids entertained this summer by making smoothies, building a bird feeder and taking part in a neighbourhood wildlife safari.




See photos from the farm

FlickrSee all the family fun photos on Flickr, from building a bird house to having fun making delicious fruity smoothies.





If you've enjoyed seeing what we got up to on the Ribena farms you can tell us what you think or  leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube


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 Juicy facts about Ribena

As a long established and well-loved British brand, Ribena has been enjoyed by families for over 70 years now. From the beginning, we have been passionate about the berries in Ribena products. Today, all of the blackcurrants that go into Ribena squashes are grown in the beautiful Britishbottles countryside by trusted growers and bottled at the Ribena factory in Coleford, in the heart of the Forest of Dean. And by working with The Wildlife Trusts – one of the largest conservation charities in the UK - we help to promote wildlife friendly farming across the Ribena blackcurrant farms.

This page features the types of questions we’ve been asked by mums in the past, and has been designed to help provide you with some useful information about Ribena.  


What are the different types of Ribena available?
Is Ribena safe for my children? 
Are Ribena bottles environmentally friendly?
What is the recommended dilution for children?
Do you support British farmers?
Do you use GM crops?

What are the varieties?

  • Squash: Blackcurrant Original, No Added Sugar Blackcurrant, Strawberry
  • 500ml bottles: Blackcurrant Original, Really Light Ribena Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry, Really Light Ribena Raspberry & Pomegranate
  • Cartons: Blackcurrant Original, Really Light Ribena Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry, Apple, Orange
  • Carton Multipacks: Blackcurrant Original, Really Light Ribena Blackcurrant, Strawberry


The Ribena product range has been carefully developed to cater for our consumers’ varying needs.Ribena juiced up For those who prefer a low sugar option, our trademark Blackcurrant flavour is available in a No Added Sugar variety in squash, 500ml bottles, cartons and multipack cartons.

We've also just launched Ribena Juiced Up! - a new addition to the Ribena range that contains 85% pure fruit juice, 15% water, and nothing else. Thanks to its high juice content, Ribena Juiced Up! counts as one of your 5-a-day. It comes in two delicious flavours: Apple & Blackcurrant and Raspberry, and is currently available in popular family restaurants such as in department store cafes, as well as in vending machines in some secondary schools. Ribena Juiced Up! is now also available in most Tesco stores (subject to availability).


Is Ribena safe for my children?


It depends on the age of your child. Ribena products are not designed to meet the nutritional needs of children under three years old. However, it is perfectly safe to give children above this age any Ribena drink. Not only is Ribena delicious, it also contains high levels of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.

The team at Ribena understands that mums are faced with lots of choices when it comes to looking after their children's nutrition, and as such, we've tried to develop a product range that reflects varying needs. It's important that we offer a choice. We offer Ribena Original squash, which contains around 11g of sugar per 100ml. Typically, a 100ml glass of orange juice can contain between 9 -11g of sugar. For those who prefer low sugar drinks, we also offer a No Added Sugar option, which is available in a squash, single cartons and multipack cartons.




Absolutely - we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. In fact, in 2007 we became the first soft drinks manufacturer to use 100% recycled plastic in our portfolio of plastic bottles – it's something we're very proud of! It's not just the bottle we look at when it comes to recycling.

We also consider the label (or shrink sleeve) and the cap on the ready to drink bottle to ensure they separate easily from the bottle during recycling. Our bottle caps are also recyclable, but the industry has a way to go before they can be made from purely recycled materials. We would also encourage our consumers to do their bit too, by making sure you recycle your Ribena bottle after use. 




Ribena is not recommended for children under three years old. This is because children of this age have specific nutritional, taste and legislative requirements, and need products that have been developed to meet these. These foods and drinks have a much blander taste than products which are made for older children and adults. 

For children over this age, we would suggest diluting one part (50ml) squash with at least four parts water to make up a 250ml serving.




We are immensely proud of our unique relationship with our blackcurrant growers. In fact, we have been working with some British farms for over 60 years and three generations - so we know exactly where our blackcurrants are grown and the farmers who grow them. 

GM crops


Absolutely not – we use standard crop husbandry techniques.
Indeed, we have worked with the Blackcurrant Foundation to create two unique new varieties of blackcurrant, specially developed to withstand the effects of climate change.

These are called Ben Vane and Ben Klibreck, and were harvested for the first time in 2007.



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