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Summer holidays start here

SunshienSix weeks can be a long time. Especially on the days it rains, and with the prospect of uniform shopping at the end of it all. So to make the most of the long summer days, here's a load of ideas for you to do with your kids over the summer. From stuff to do together or things to keep them entertained while you get on with a bit of feet up time, come rain, come shine, there's something for everyone. Summer holidays sorted.

5 quick ideas

Here's a few quick, cheap ideas to get you started.

Lollie Make homemade ice lollies using smoothies, watered down fruit juice or if you're pushed for time, try popping a few of our fruit tubes in the freezer for instant homemade icepops.
Lollie Have a friendship bracelet making session for your kids to give to their friends when they get back to school
Lollie Get to know your local park. Not just the swings and slides. But see how much you can find on your next visit. Birdspotting, leaf collecting, bark rubbings, how many benches.

Camp in the garden. Pack a midnight feast. Add a paddling pool if you're feeling fancy.
Lollie Get your kids to plant their own vegetable patch or start a window box garden. It's the perfect time of year for planting.


An hour of fun

Got an hour to kill? Why not try one of these ideas for things to do in 60 minute from our new recipe book, Hungry? Or you could always try that old trick of turning cleaning the house into an race against time game? Click here to download the pdf.

Things to do

Top tips from mums and dads at Fruit Towers

Since starting innocent in 1999, we're now a bit older, wiser and (in some cases) beardier than when we started. Some of us gave even had babies. Here's what the mums and dads at Fruit Towers will be doing to keep their kids amused this summer.


  • There is nothing kids love more than being chased round the garden with a hosepipe.
  • Put up a tent in the garden and camp out at the weekend – they love sleeping in the great outdoors, doing a bit of hedgehog spotting and having midnight feasts.
  • Have your dinner outside. Go for an impromptu picnic, even if it's just in the back garden. Or a picnic breakfast. Works a treat somehow.


  • The trick is to get them tired. We tend to take them for a really long walk with a packed lunch in the middle. Run them ragged, feed them then wait for sleep to kick in.
  • Go fruit picking. If they're going to fill themselves with anything, it might as well be strawberries.
  • Take a trip to the flicks. Most cinemas run a children's cinema on Saturday mornings. It's pretty cheap (usually a pound per person including adults) and you get to sleep while they watch the film, without the worry of them making loads of noise as you're in a theatre full of children doing just that.


  • For something a little different, why not try the construction game? Making things works wonders. Buy a hammock and get the kids involved in putting it up. Or let them help paint the fence. Technically it's child labour but kids love getting mucky, it'll keep them amused and tick off the jobs you've been putting it off for ages...

For more fun stuff for your kids to do, make and play, click here.




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Last updated: over 3 years ago