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Get motivated for January. Unleash your inner Akabusi.

Kris jubThe excess and merriment of Christmas has passed. You've eaten a bit too much, you've drunk a little more than you needed.

Your trainers have rested in the wardrobe for a season and it's freezing outside. Every time you do leave the warm sanctuary of your lounge, you're bombarded by posters and leaflets about joining gyms. And joggers, seemingly judging you as they pass you by in their crisp new lycra. You know it'd be good to get into shape, to get back in your shorts and dust off your trainers. It will not be easy. But it is time.

Time to head back outside.

We've made a little film about that feeling. About the shared pain of January. About how good it feels when you finally get to the other side. About a man called Kriss. So if you know anyone who just needs that little boost, feel free to send it onto them.


And to help you on the way to a healthy New Year, we're also giving away a free gift with the purchase of every special smoothie - that could be a gym pass, a spa holiday or even a free smoothie, and lots of other prizes too. 

Last updated: over 3 years ago