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Hello. We're innocent and we make stuff that tastes good and does you good. But you probably know that already. What you might not know is that we make loads of healthy, tasty stuff just for kids too.

Hats off indeed!

Hats off

Thanks to all the Mumsnetters who became Mumsknitters and knitted a little hat for our Big Knit campaign. Every behatted bottle sold raised 25p for Age UK to help keep older people warm this winter. See the fine handiwork right here.

Win win win


Fancy winning a month's supply of our deliciously refreshing juice for you and your family? All just by answering a really simple question? Well, simply click here to enter our competition and you could be starting 2012 in proper juicy fashion.

Festive fun

Make stuff at Christmas

Christmas is coming and the advent calendar countdown has begun. So to keep your kids entertained up to and after Santa's annual visit, we've come up with some stuff for them to make and do that doesn't cost the earth (or the sleigh). See what stuff you could make. 

Tea, town crying and lots of talking


Last month Fruit Towers played host to 150 of our drinkers for our annual AGM (A Grown-up Meeting). There was talking, town crying, tea, cake and lots of learning. This year, five Mumsnetters came along and made brilliant little films about how the day unfolded. Click here to see what they got upto.

Waste not want not

Taste not waste

17 billion portions of fruit are wasted each year and we think that's pretty crazy. We also think that those wasted portions could help the four out of five kids that aren't getting their 5 a day. So we've got started a project to get unwanted fruit to places where it will be put to very good use. To find out all about it and how you and your kids' school involved, click here.

Win smoothies for your kids' whole class


The lunchbox. The term-time morning conundrum. How do you keep them eating and drinking good stuff, but not getting bored? Well we think we can lend a hand. We’re giving away smoothies for your small person and they’re entire class. Your mornings will be easier and your playground brownie points will go through the roof. To find out how to enter, click here.

Your questions about nutrition, answered.


We had Vanessa, our resident nutrionist, to answer all your burning questions about nutrition for you and your family. As well as being a nice lady, she's also a bit of an expert. You can read the Q&A here.

Helpful hints to keep lunchboxes healthy and kids happy


When it comes to packing a good lunch, mums know best. But innocent have learnt a few things that could help you keep lunchboxes and little people full of good stuff. Follow the link to find out more.

Fill your family with good stuff


Our new recipe book, Hungry? is a guide to healthy, tasty, no-fuss food that the whole family can enjoy (without taking ages to make). With over 100 delicious, simple recipes, there's also loads of stuff to get kids involved cooking, making and eating. Find out more

Fruity refreshment for small people


Need a new way to refresh your kids but don't have a log flume/plunge pool/hosepipe handy? Why not try our new innocent juicy drink? Pure fruit juice, a dash of spring water and absolutely nothing else. Perfect for lunchboxes and much more. Find out more.