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Fun stuff for your kids to do, make and play


As well as making lots of good stuff for kids to drink, we thought you might also like to know that we have our own kids’ website just for kids too.

There's loads of stuff to make, do and play, not to mention all sorts of competitions and other fun stuff to keep your kids amused.

Here's a little sample of the sort of thing your kids can find at www.innocentkids.co.uk

Innocent Don’t throw away your kid's empty smoothie carton when they’re finished with it. Get them to make a bird feeder for your garden instead. All you need is some string, some bird seed and a pair of scissors. Find out how to make more feathered friends (and keep the slugs at bay) right here.
Innocent Fancy doing a spot of baking but don't have any eggs? Why not get your kids to make their own apple crisps instead? They're an easy, tasty and healthy snack and take minutes to make. To get baking, just click here.
Innocent We've got all sorts of online games for your kids to play – from flying the banana plane to seeing if they can get to the fridge before Chef spots them. There are heaps of cool prizes to win each month. Why not have a look (or a quick game yourself) by clicking here.






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Last updated: over 3 years ago