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The Mumsnet way to your kids' five-a-day

From savoury muffins to blindfolded tastings and serving blueberries in a shoehorn, you sent us all sorts of brilliant ways of getting kids to eat more fruit and veg. Turns out there is more than one way to sneak in a carrot. The good folk at Mumsnet have summarised all your tips and ideas in the handy link below.




In case you missed it last time round, you can download our handy little top 10 tips guide to helping your kids get their five-a-day (without having to hide a pineapple ring under their lasagne). Stuff like pea eating competitions, home made ice lollies, shopping safaris, that sort of thing. 

You can download it right here.

Big well done to HipHopOpotomus for her top tip, who wins smoothies for her child's entire class.






Last updated: over 3 years ago