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What we're doing for Sport Relief

We asked you what you – and your children – are planning to for Sport Relief this year (Friday 19 March to Sunday 21 March). And this is what some of you told us...

"Dd and I are doing the mile in Glasgow. She'll run; I'll wheeze along behind somewhere." muggglewump

"Dd, 7, is running the Sport Relief mile locally. She has her Just Giving site to collect sponsorship from family and friends. Had I known about the Hula Hoops hoopathon, I think she may have chosen to do that instead, as she is a whizz with a hula hoop." Hulababy

"I think Sainsbury's idea of rounding up your shopping bill is brilliant. And I have been doing this every week." BecauseImWorthIt

"Ds2, who is 3, is doing a walk round the playground at his SN school." ilovesprouts

"I've signed myself and dd (4.5) up for a Sport Relief Mile. I want her to think about doing something for other people who aren't as lucky as she is, and also for her to be involved in a big national event." angelene

"We are doing a five-mile walk with the Cubs and Scouts." Nessarose

"I'll be donating my time by working extra hours for free to take donation calls." TequilaMockinBird

"We will join in with the sponsored walk at dd1 and dd2's school, like we do every year. Dds 3 and 4 usually do a sponsored toddle!" 4andnotout


hulaYou donate, Hula Hoops donate!

For every donation of £1 or more that you make to Sport Relief using special packs of Hula Hoops, Hula Hoops willhula give £1 to Sport Relief.

Every donation makes a big difference, so please dig deep and help raise lots of money for Sport Relief.



Last updated: over 3 years ago