Get ahead of head lice

Once A Week, Take a Peek – the national campaign to help parents beat head lice – has educational videos and expert advice to help you and your family keep head lice-free.

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The facts of lice

Hedrin video

Once a Week, Take a Peek will provide you with all the facts on head lice. Brush up on your knowledge with this educational video by Professor Adam Hart, you're bound to learn something new.

Louis the head louse

Louis the head louse

Here's the story of the demise of Louis the head louse. It's a great educational video for parents and children alike.

Golden rule one: check


Remember to check your children's hair once a week. Use a detection comb with teeth no more than 0.3mm apart (in order to trap lice) and white in colour.

Golden rule two: treat


Treatment should only be used if live lice are found. Use a non-pesticide lotion which uses a physical mode of action meaning lice cannot build up a resistance.

Golden rule three: complete


Follow pack instructions as a second treatment may be required. Continue to check your child's hair once a week and prevent future outbreaks with a clinically proven leave-in conditioning spray.

Itching to ask a head lice question?

Christine Brown, former school nurse, answers your most commonly asked questions about head lice. To submit more questions, just head to the Once a Week, Take a Peek Facebook page.

Find the right treatment for you


Whether you want speed, reassurance, convenience or protection – there's a head lice treatment designed for you. Speak to your local pharmacist for advice or visit the Hedrin website.