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Haven asks what makes Great Britain great?

HavenHaven asked Mumsnetters all about their childhood holiday memories and experiences, as well as the holidays they have now with their own children. There were lots of fond memories, and many of them happened in the UK. Below are the best things about holidaying in the British Isles, according to the thread.


1. The journey there

  • A hallway full of luggage, camping stoves, sleeping bags, rain coats and welly boots waiting to be loaded into the car, with the family all eagerly ready to go on an adventure.
  • That familiar sound of "are we nearly there yet?" from the little ones in the backseat. 

2. The great British seaside

Sunshine, sea, sand, sandcastles – you don't need to stray further than the British coast to find this little package in abundance. The seaside is what Haven is known for with 35 parks around the coast, so you really are spoilt for choice.

  • Exploring the coastline; running in sand dunes, crabbing, rock pools, walks along the shore and hunting for shells and fossils on the beach.
  • Paddling in the sea, surfing on cheap bodyboards, jumping in the waves and being pulled along in little dinghy boats.
  • Simple alfresco dining, with the added grain of sand of two. Who doesn't love fish and chips and ice creams on Britain's (sometimes blustery) beaches?

3. The great outdoors

Sunshine, clouds, rain and the occasional rainbow, tumbling down hills, jumping in sand dunes and running around outside - it's all part of the package of a British holiday. Haven have it covered whatever the weather with activities and facilities for indoors and outdoors.

  • In Britain there's freedom and fresh air, rolling hills, walks on the beach and spending plenty of time outside, come rain or shine.
"The weather is unpredictable…but I wouldn't trade our holidays for all the posh hotels in the world." Teabiscuits
  • Who'd have guessed that one of the top memories of holidaying in this country is feeding ducks? It's often the simplest things that we remember as the happiest days.

4. Simple pleasures of camping and caravanning

Many of us yearn for golden sandy beaches, burning tropical sunshine and all inclusive luxury that hotel holidays abroad boast, but you don't need to travel far to end your holiday refreshed and relaxed after a week of family fun. Why not come and visit one of the six Welsh Haven parks? Discover sandy shores, green forests, lakes, valleys and mountains - a real breath of fresh air.

  • Camping, laughing around campfires, roasting marshmallows and rolling around in the grass before crawling into sleeping bags to go to sleep. Nothing beats old-fashioned and simple fun.
  • Falling asleep cuddled up in a sleeping bag to the sound of rain pattering on the roof of the caravan or tent.

5. Exploring and experiencing something new

There's tonnes to see and explore around the world, but there's also so much right on your doorstep.

  • British holidays are jam-packed with activities. Endless hours in swimming pools and splashing down waterslides, spinning on rides at funfairs, peddling frantically on bikes with brothers, sisters, friends and cousins and happy day trips visiting castles and local attractions.
  • Seeing all the weird, wonderful and beautiful things Britain has to offer. There's Stonehenge, estimated to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old, Roman bathhouses dating back 1,700 years, and prehistoric fossils and Jurassic coastline to name just a few. Haven's Devon Cliffs park boasts some of the incredible red Jurassic coastlines.
"I think the UK has some brilliant beaches and holiday spots and I don't feel I missed out as a child by not going abroad with my family on holiday." mjmooseface  
  • Try something new. In April 2011, Hannah, then aged eight, chose to try archery at Haven. Hannah had a natural gift and she is now part of Archery GB Southern Performance Academy, with dreams of one day representing Great Britain in the Olympics. 



Last updated: over 3 years ago