Jam made easy with Hartley's Squeezy

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Hartley's squeezy jamThere’s never enough time to pick out crumbs and butter left over in the jam or chase after little ones, cloth in hand, trying to clean their sticky fingers.  That’s why the people at Hartley’s have created Hartley’s Smooth Squeezy Jams. 

Hartley’s Smooth Squeezy Jam offers the same great fruity taste of Hartley’s that we know and love, but with the added convenience of a fun squeezy bottle. The easy flip lid and mess-free nozzle are neat, simple and easy for the whole family to use.

Made with real fruit, but with no lumps, bits or pips, they are a real hit with the kids. Harltey's kids squeezing

Available in:

  •     Smooth Strawberry
  •     Smooth Sweet Orange
  •     Smooth Blackcurrant and Apple.

Hartleys jam sandwhichesThe smooth consistency also allows you to squeeze out just the right amount. All kids want to act ‘grown-up’ and what better way to give them a little independence than by letting them help themselves at breakfast or tea-time.  Whether it’s comforting jam on toast, a fruity jam tart or just a delicious dollop on rice pudding, Hartley’s easy squeezy bottles will keep the little ones' fingers sticky-free.

Fun Facts

  • So far Britain has eaten enough Hartley’s Squeezy Smooth Jam to fill eight London buses That’s enough to squirt a jammy line stretching from London to Tunisia!
  • Enough squeezy jam been bought to reach a height of 131 miles – that’s the same as 2183 Big Ben towers stacked on top of each other!Hartleys logo
  • All three delicious flavours are available now in the supermarket spreads aisle at an RRP of £1.39. 


Last updated: over 3 years ago