Guinness World Records Challengers

As the weather turns colder and wetter and it gets darker earlier, kids can become bored and frustrated. Guinness World Records has launched a new site where kids gain a real sense of achievement and learn that dedication is what you need (if you want to be a record breaker!)

Challengers is an online community for young record fans, specifically those aged 13-18, where they can attempt, break and rate record attempts, as well as interact and make friends with other fans, and tell us what new records they want to see.


Beans On Challengers you can attempt some of our most popular records online from the comfort of your own home. Simply sign up for an account, pick your challenge, film your attempt, and upload your video. All entries are adjudicated by Guinness World Records officials, and if your attempt is good enough, then you could become a new Guinness World Record title holder! Every week new records will be uploaded, ensuring record fans can always access and attempt new, exciting record challenges.

Fans can also Submit a Challenge to showcase their amazing talents that they think should be world records. Videos will be assessed and adjudicated, with new record titles announced daily.
Challengers also gives users the chance to earn their place in the next Guinness World Records book, as some users with Guinness World Records titles with the most outstanding achievement for each record could earn their place in the next annual.

Guinness World Records created Challengers to encourage interaction between record fans through a site wide discussion board and in-attempt comments. The site is linked to Facebook so Challengers can invite and take on their friends in record attempts.

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What's on offer

Guinness World Records Challengers gives record-fans:

  • Immediate interaction
    Record attempts are instantly submitted, allowing challengers to review, rate and react to videos in real-time
  • Authentic adjudication
    Guinness World Records adjudicators will officiate each record attempt and publically announce all new records
  • Global recognition
    Leaderboards for each record challenge, ranking globally and regionally, enabling users to see how they rank against fellow challengers from every corner of the world


Last updated: over 3 years ago