Make them giggle

As all parents know, finding foods that kids will eat can be a daily challenge, especially when you are looking for healthy snack  options.  All too often it's sugary sweets their tummies are craving and even the most patient parents can find themselves reaching for the treat jar to avoid another tantrum!

That’s why Giggles® from The Laughing Cow® has been created specifically with pre-schoolers in mind. Giggles® is a soft white cheese food snack which has a deliciously mild and creamy taste so is bound to be a hit, even with the most fussy little ones.  Giggles® is made with fresh whole milk, contains no added preservatives, artifical colours or flavours and is friendly for young teeth - making it a great alternative to sugary snacks, as well as reassuring for parents.  

It is recommended that children from the age of one should have 3 portions of dairy each day to give them all the calcium needed for strong bones and teeth. As Giggles® is made with fresh whole milk, it is a good source of calcium and a great way to help little ones get the nutrients they need.

As well as being yummy and nutritious, Giggles® comes in easy to open, mess-free pods. It is perfect on its own or can be enjoyed with breadsticks, crackers or veggie batons, as part of a balanced diet.  Plus, the bright colourful pods will make snack time more fun and have your little one asking for a healthier snack – full of dairyness! 

Each pack of Giggles® contains six 18g pods and is now available in most supermarkets.  To find out more about Giggles® and for a chance to win £500 of Early Learning Centre vouchers click HERE

Last updated: about 3 years ago