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Help your children get their vitamins AND win a super prize with Arla Big Milk

toddler playing and drinking milk

Is your child a human hoover or a picky eater? Do they rival Popeye with their appetite for spinach or are they single-handedly keeping rusks in business? Whatever your child's tastes, they need a balanced, vitamin-rich diet to grow up big and strong.

You got them the baby Mozart CD, you sneak greens into their food and you know that one day you'll cheer like a mad woman at their sports days. There's little parents won't do for their kids – but few realise just how many extra nutrients children need while they're growing.

The government recommends that children older than a year have a daily intake of 350ml of milk and get 10µg of vitamin D a day. The latter can prove tricky in the darker winter months, when sunshine is in short supply, and getting toddlers to wolf down certain vitamin D-rich foods (liver, mushrooms, anyone?) sounds like a right old challenge.

Why is Vitamin D important?

Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bones in children, and also contributes to the normal functioning of their immune system. Before you wear the keyboard out googling “Vitamin D rich toddler food”, help is at hand. See below for some child-friendly ideas on how to get it into their diet.

Arla Big Milk

Did you know that 350ml of Arla Big Milk contains the following:

  • 77% of a small child's recommended daily intake of Vitamin D
  • 68% of a small child's recommended daily intake of Vitamin A
  • 61% of a small child's recommended daily intake of iron?

With a fabulous selection of milk and vitamin D-rich recipes on Arla's website, it's never been easier to make sure your child gets the nutrients and calcium they need. You can easily integrate Arla Big Milk into your children's meals with minimal effort.

Arla Big Milk appreciates that mums work really hard to provide the very best for their kids, which is why they're giving one Mumsnetter the chance to win a £250 voucher to spend in John Lewis – provided, of course, that she spend at least some of it on something for herself.