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Get Into Martial Arts

There are many reasons why parents choose martial arts for their children; Get Into Martial Arts found that 52% of the parents they asked chose it for self-defence, whilst 37% wanted their child to improve their fitness*.

As a method of self-defence, martial arts can give children the necessary confidence and awareness to prevent certain situations. However, in addition to this, enrolling your child in a martial arts class can improve their physical and emotional development, leading to a range of other benefits.

Below are what Get Into Martial Arts believes are some of the potential benefits of children becoming active in learning a martial art.


Discipline and respect

One of the key aspects of all martial arts is discipline. The sense of discipline learned from a martial art encourages self-restraint and improved concentration, which can be valuable assets in other parts of life.

Additionally, experts agree that the respect learned from a martial arts class is a huge plus point. Research published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology shows that both the improved concentration and increased levels of respect can carry over into school, leading to improved classroom conduct and even improved academic performance.


Self-esteem and target setting

Within most martial arts, progress is marked by a belts system, with students earning different coloured belts as they become more advanced. This process, which rewards progress on a regular basis, can produce a higher level of self-esteem within children, as confidence and pride follows the sense of achievement.

Moreover, the grading process, which requires students to strive towards reaching their next belt colour, is seen as a valuable lesson in target-setting, teaching children to make clear goals and work towards them in order to get their rewards. 


Physical fitness and social skills

Perhaps the most obvious benefit stemming from martial arts training is an increased level of activity, leading to improved fitness levels. This is advantageous in helping children to live a healthier life, as well as helping them to perform better in other sports and activities.

Enrolling a child in a martial arts class can also have a positive impact upon their social skills, as they are placed in situations where they must work together with a partner and they are placed into an environment where everyone shares a common interest. 

To find your nearest martial arts school and book a free trial lesson visit Getintomartialarts.com.


*Out of 206 parents of students (under 18 years old) of martial arts.


Last updated: over 3 years ago