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Our December testers

  • Ibby has a baby and a three year old and currently drives a Renault Clio. The family also own a ford ibbyFord Fiesta. She was keen to experience the extra space and comfort in the stylish Ford S-MAX 1.8 TDCi Titanium she test drove. Overall Ibby said she was “seriously impressed, and I am usually very very hard to please!”. Having spent some time during the test looking at other 7 seater cars Ibby now feels “the S Max is one of the best looking. Considering the space inside, Ford have really managed to keep it looking stylish from the outside, as well as being gorgeous on the inside! Some 7 seaters just look like a minibus, big bulky boxy things, but the S Max is really not like that”. The family found the car to average 39 miles to the gallon “DH says that is good. He says that's ‘cos even though it's big it has a diesel engine so it's fuel efficient”. They used almost a full tank of fuel and managed 600 miles in the 3 weeks! Ibby says finally “the only downer really has been the snow although that has meant we've really gone to town with testing the heated windows etc!”
  • Sarah, a mum of two children aged four and six, tested the Ford S-MAX 2.0 TDCi Titanium. As theford sarah family's main driver, Sarah was particularly keen to find out if the long-journey comfort lives up to expectations – the snow sadly out paid to some planned trips but Sarah said “Our road completely iced over but I have to admit I found it really easy. I kept a fairly steady not too slow pace and the car handled beautifully”. Overall Sarah – at the end of the test said “the three main things I miss are the comfort of the S-Max, the flexibility it gave me with the extra seats and the fantastic visibility from the front window... it really made a difference to family life”. Sarah and her family were impressed with the interior space “Had a car full yesterday as took the kids sledging. All back to ours afterwards so their friends wanted to come in the car with us. Had 2 large boxes in the boot then had to add bags and sledges. [I] still managed to get rear seats up and sledges/boxes fitted in boot space left. [I] Will miss that flexibility and seeing the kids enjoy it with their friends so much”. In fact Sarah loved the car so much she wanted to buy it!


  • Sophie has three pre-school age children. She tested the luxurious Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Ghia and ford sophiewas really keen to see how well it accommodates the family, plus all the stuff for days out and longer trips. Sophie said she was “extremely impressed” with the internal space “As long as you adjust the back two rows to their most forward position there is tonnes of room- I could easily fit the Phil+Teds double in with loads of room to spare- easily enough for shopping, backpack or whatever else you might need!” Most of the time the Galaxy was used for the school run, short journeys around town and general chauffeuring. Sophie – at the end of the test said the thought the car “was all fab. Very well thought out with all the little features - lights that come on on the mirrors when you are getting in to the car, the heated mirrors and windscreens, the voice control (which I only just discovered but really enjoyed commanding the CD to 'play' ) etc. It was also extremely comfortable and smooth to drive/ride in- which I particularly noticed today when I got back into my old car!”.

  • Pauline, who has two children aged two and five, test drove the Ford S-MAX 2.2 TDCi Titanium.Ford Pauline Pauline's family was excited to be trying out this top-of-the-range Ford – particularly as they've owned a Ford Focus for many years. Pauline said her family “were impressed with the boot space that was still available after all 7 seats were filled. Enough space for a buggy, maybe even a double, and plenty more room... I noticed that the back two seats are lower than the others and although there is plenty of leg room for the kids as the middle row of seats pulls forward, I was concerned about how comfortable it would be for an adult. So I climbed in the back. I'm 5'2" and managed to sit quite comfortably. My knees were higher than my hips because of the lower seat position, but certainly tolerable”. Overall, at the end of the Pauline said she would “miss being able to overtake [and] sit comfortably in luxury” She was impressed with the fuel efficiency - “how far a tank of diesel can go with that car!!!?”

  • Petra has two pre-school age children and most of her journeys are short. The Ford S-MAX 2.0 Ford PetraTDCi Titanium she test drove is a step up in size from their current car, which was one of the reasons why she recently sold a beloved Ford Fiesta. Petra says “I was nervous about how large the S Max looked when it arrived but it quickly became a fantastically easy car to drive. Every feature added to the ease of driving in comfort and safety. I was impressed by the internal space the S max, it was ample for our family of four and plenty of storage space for all the nick naks that comes with having family. By far the most impressive thing was the boot space. A weekly shop just looked lost in the boot and that was with a buggy. Ikea would have been a breeze with all that boot space. Even when the 2 seats in the boot were up there was still plenty of space for a buggy and a bit of shopping. Amazing. The driving position was excellent as I had a brilliant view of the road which was due to every aspect of the seating and steering was adjustable. The handling of the S Max was incredible it felt like it stuck to the road when going round corners, it felt and responded much more like a sports car than a MPV. This car has made me feel like a confident driver and our family has been blown away by it's style, performance, practicality and economy” She finishes by saying “Thanks again for the opportunity to drive this amazing car”


Our Grove extended testers

  • Lisa has 4 children aged 2, 6, 8 and 10. "With a family of six we need all the space we can get! The car is constantly in use, usually with another kid or two thrown in as we liftshare on the school run...Our current car is fine for now but I'm conscious of the fact that as they get taller, the children will need more room." After testing the Galaxy for us she said: "We've thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Galaxy. It surprised in lots of ways with the flexibility, space and adaptability. The quality of finish and high level of spec were very enjoyable and it's a brilliant drive. Space and gadgets were top of the children's 'we love list'. For me it had to be fantastic drive the Duratorq engine gives - it just zips and feels far more powerful than a 2.0l. It's so quiet, it really doesn't sound like a diesel. Even car-phobic dh admitted he thought the Galaxy was very smooth and spacious - from him, high praise indeed. Our poor Grand Scenic does seem so small now after the Galaxy. Can I have my Galaxy back, pretty pretty please?"
  • Rachel has 3 children, one aged under a year, 3 and 5. Currently has a Galaxy and said before she began the test "We do like Ford cars and have driven them a lot. But we are considering other brands." Of her three week test she wrote; "The S-MAX is really powerful! It nips up hills like nobody's business and that's with four kids and a baby in it. My word. And on the motorway, it fair zips along no bother at all. I'm impressed...In terms of terrain, there's some rough ground on the dcs school - stones, dust etc - and it was barely noticeable in the S-MAX whereas usually I feel like Bo and Luke Duke rollicking through that dust bowl. We've all enjoyed it very much. It's an elegant, powerful and stylish car that is deceptively roomy. DH and I were discussing the other day that when we need a second car, the S-MAX is definitely the one we'll get alongside our Galaxy so that we can carry the dcs and their pals whenever necessary."


You can read what our Mumsnet testers thought of their Fords here.  We'd also like as many Mumsnetters as possible to add their comments - whether you already drive a Ford, or another make.  What do you think makes a great family car?

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