Trial the new Econo Check from Ford and save up to 25% on fuel

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Ford Econo Check

Previous Mumsnetters have tested Ford cars and been both informed and enthusiastic. That's why Ford is now looking for more Mumsnetters to review its innovative Ford Econo Check technology, a new service from Ford, aimed at showing you how to optimise your driving and potentially saving you up to 25% on fuel.


How to volunteer and what's in it for you

To take part, you just need to drive a Ford registered from 1998 or later (click here for a list of eligible vehicles). From all the entries, Ford will then pick ten Mumsnetters to trial the Ford Econo Check.

In addition to the Econo Driver training (see below), all volunteers will receive a £50 John Lewis voucher and a £15 money off voucher for their next service at a Ford Dealer.


What's involved

1. Your local Ford dealer will contact you to make an appointment for your Econo Check.
2. You can take your vehicle to the dealer or alternatively the dealer will collect your vehicle from your home (or where ever is convenient) and conduct a 35 point Econo Check on your vehicle, whilst fitting a data logger at the same time. Your Ford dealer will then return your vehicle – this should take about an hour for the whole collection and delivery process. The data logger will record your driving data over one week as you drive normally.
3. After a week, the Ford dealer will send another technician to your home to remove the data logger (or you can remove it yourself if you'd prefer – it's that easy!).
4. Your driving data will be used to create your personalized Ford Econo Check report, with an in-depth analysis of your driving style and suggestions on how to drive more efficiently.
5. Approximately a week after this you will receive your personal Econo Check report.
6. You will then be offered an optional free (normally £80) 90-minute Econo Driver Training Course provided by AADriveTech (arranged at a convenient time and location). This course is designed to help you consistently apply Eco driving techniques to maximize your fuel efficiency.
7. If you are really keen we can also offer you a further Econo Check to see how much your improved driving style is saving you at the fuel pump!
8. Lastly, we'll ask you for your feedback on a specific Mumsnet talk thread.

If this sounds like something you'd want to take part in, to volunteer please click here.


Find out more

Visit the Ford site to learn more about the easy eight steps to less fuel consumption, fewer emissions and lower costs.

And to find out more about what Ford is doing to minimise its impact on the environment, click here.

Last updated: over 3 years ago