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Flip Video is a fun, easy-to-use pocket camcorder. Flip Video makes it incredibly quick and simple to shoot high-quality videos, then share those moments by plugging the camcorder directly into your computer. 


Flip is small enough to fit in your pocket, which means that you can take it everywhere you and your family go, making it the perfect way to capture those mustn't-forget moments.

Using Flip video is a doddle. Just switch the power on, press the 'record' button, and the camcorder will start filming in crystal-clear HD quality.

Broadcast Britain

Everyone loves filming the funny little things their family gets up to. Out of 1,800 UK mums with children under 10: 
  • 82% film their children up to six times a week
  • Over 40% like to share these videos online through the internet. 
  • Almost half are most likely to share funny moments. 

Then when you're done, just flip out the in-built USB and plug it into your computer. The real magic then comes with the FlipShare software, which is pre-loaded on every camcorder. Whether it’s greetings to cousins on the other side of the world or a funny video posted on Facebook, FlipShare lets you edit and share footage privately through attachment-free emails or upload your videos directly to social networks within seconds.

Plus, if you want to grab that perfect photo, FlipShare lets you capture high-quality digital stills from the 50 frames per second video footage – handy with children who never, EVER, sit still. 

Getting started

Find out how easy it is to get started with Flip Video and share your movies with FlipShare in these two handy videos. 

FlipcamMore about the Flip Video range

If you like things to be high quality, Flip Video has just launched Flip UltraHD and Flip MinoHD, offering enhanced quality and making filming family moments in high definition even easier.

  • The Flip UltraHD is even slimmer than before, using three AAA batteries in a rechargeable pack (which comes with every UltraHD). As with previous models, the new Flip UltraHD charges automatically when plugged into a computer but, if you run out of juice when you're out and about, simply replace with regular AAA batteries.
  • The super-sleek Flip MinoHD, which features an in-built rechargeable battery pack, is even smaller than the Flip UltraHD and is available with either one or two hours of recording memory. Simply slip it into your pocket or changing bag and away you go! 

What the Mumsnetters thought

Mumsnet recruited 11 MNers to try Flip Video cameras for themselves - below are a couple of comments from the feedback:  

"First impressions on opening the box of the FlipUltra HD were very favourable. Not many buttons, simple to use, hardware built in. Technophobe heaven! I've used it a few times already and found it very simple but with clear images. I was so pleased to have it in my handbag on the weekend when the children got an unexpected opportunity to sit on police motorbikes. The Flip HD recorded the sirens very clearly. Uploading to Facebook for the grandparents was very successful (but a bit slow). I can't wait for the holidays so I can get really into it" flippinggorgeous

"I used the HD version too. I've used it to film my son at the church prize giving, but there's also been countless recordings done by my teenage son. It's really very simple and does just what it claims to do - I'm amazed at how we can really 'simplify' technology and still get great results. I'll be using it more this week as our Christmas preparations really start. It gets a huge thumbs up from my house" jollyoldstnickschick

Find out what other Mumsnetters thought on the feedback thread.

Mumsnetters' videos

We also ran a competition to showcase the films you can make using Flip Video - here are the three winning films: 




  • Flip UltraHD is £159.99

  • Flip MinoHD (one hour) £149.99
  • Flip MinoHD (two hours) is £179.99

Where to buy

Available at Amazon, Firebox, Play.com, Currys Digital, John Lewis, Argos, Micro Anvika and more.

For more information, please visit www.theflip.com or check us out on Facebook.



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