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Trying for a baby? First Response Early Results Pregnancy Test and Zita West offer expert advice to help you get fertility fit

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Tests tell you FIRST if you're pregnant and now want to be the FIRST to advise you on how to get fertility fit.

That's why we're working with midwife, fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West to give couples all the information they need to help improve their chances of conception.
When trying for a baby, age, nutrition, lifestyle and relationships are just some of the bigger factors to think about, but making small changes can also have a positive impact on your journey. We've pulled together some essential tips with expert Zita West to help get you on the right track for conception.
  • Have sex at least three times a week - this keeps the sperm fresh and healthy. 
  • Find out when your mother went through the menopause – if she's had an early menopause it may be an indicator that you will too, so think about having a baby earlier. 
  • Know when you should take a pregnancy test – you can find out if you are pregnant one day before any other test on the market with First Response.*
  • Give it time – it can often take up to a year to get pregnant.
  • Talk to your partner and be sensitive about their feelings – trying for a baby can be a frustrating and stressful time and it's easy for communication to break down.




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Top Tips

*(Always read the leaflet. 62% of women tested effectively 5 days before their period was due.


Last updated: over 3 years ago