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Extended services - don't miss out!

es michelle

Lots of families across England are making the most of extended services accessible through their local schools. If you haven't heard of them, or haven't used them before, we don't want you to miss out. So here's the lowdown.

Extended services are available for all primary and secondary school age children, their families and the local community. The services can include: affordable childcare (primary schools only); study support; sports, arts and music activities; parenting advice; family learning and access to specialist health and social care services.

Click on the video below to find out more about how you and your family could benefit from extended services.




Other mums and dads...

Amita Sharma and family benefited from after-school clubs, including hula hoop fitness and Bollywood dancing

Kelly Young and family benefited from swift and easy access to local health services

Marcelle McFarlane and family benefited from a computing course and other services at her local school

Stuart Allwood and family have also benefited from swift and easy access to health and social care services

Find out how extended services have helped other families

Many mums and dads are shouting about how great the after-school and holiday clubs are.

The childcare is safe and affordable, and children get the chance to take part in activities including sport, drama, arts and crafts as well as exciting trips out.

There's lots for parents too, such as parenting classes, family learning sessions, information sessions about education and school and links to local and national advice and support.

es girl

Insia Ishaji, 21, from Birmingham, started making the most of extended services when she was 13 and now she's helping to deliver extended services to other children and young people.

"Until recently I had no idea that schools could offer families so many extra services. We're all benefiting from the services and support available and have so much fun together. It is also reassuring to know that help and advice is there when it is needed."

Parents can also access specialist services for their children. Schools work closely with other agencies such as health, housing and social services to offer parents help with their children's behavioural, emotional and health needs.

Many schools also offer access to facilities for wider community use such as sports halls, gyms, IT services and classrooms for further education courses.

What's available near you?

Extended services are now available at 95 per cent of schools, so to find out more:

Last updated: over 3 years ago