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Helping our customers use no more than they need




How does your energy use compare to similar homes? 

Having a family is one of the biggest adventures of our lives but it also means lots of additional costs. Something new parents might not consider is the affect having a family has on the amount of energy they use. One in five parents told us their energy use went up considerably after having their family1. Just think about all the extra washing, more nights in watching the telly or the number gadgets the kids leave plugged in around the house.

If you're an E.ON customer, you can now see how your energy use compares to similar customers' homes in your area.  If you'd like to use less energy and spend less, we'll give you lots of help so your family can start using no more energy than you need. You can find out how you stack up below.



Ready to compare? 

With E.ON's new Saving Energy Toolkit you can take a peek at how much energy you use compared with the average and lowest consuming customers' homes in your local area2. Best of all, it could help your family start using no more than you need, saving energy and money. 

The Saving Energy Toolkit will show you:

  • How much energy your family uses across the year and which months you use more or less
  • You'll also see your monthly energy costs, which will help you manage the family budget
To help you use no more than you need, we'll give you plenty of simple, personalised tips to help you save

This could make all the difference to your family's energy bills. To start comparing, all you need to do is register to manage your E.ON account online.

E.ON's top tips for families 

  1. A tumble dryer is one of the most energy hungry appliances in your home. Cutting down on just one load a week could take around £25 off your electricity bill a year3. If you can't dry your washing on the line or use a clothes horse and you need to use your dryer, give your clothes a quick extra spin in the washing machine beforehand – they'll dry much quicker.
  2. Sleepless nights are an all-too-common feature for new parents. The extra hours awake will mean the lights need to be switched on more. Try placing energy efficient LED night lights around the house so that you don't have to use the main light at night.
  3. When it comes to bath time, save energy and water by using a baby bath divider or small tub rather than the main bath. There's no need to fill the whole tub. Getting the temperature right first time can also help save on using lots of hot water. 
  4. Ensure your home is fully protected against draughts and cold air. Simple draught excluders can help keep your family cosy without dialling up the thermostat. 





E.ON are giving one Mumsnetter £500 in Compliments vouchers. For a chance to win just watch the video above and answer the question below.


Contest closing date: 11 December 2013


Terms and Conditions

1. The Mumsnet and E.ON competition prize draw is open to those who are aged 18 or over and are resident in the UK. To enter the competition, entrants will need to complete the entry form on the E.ON microsite: https://www.mumsnet.com/microsites/eon-energy-saving-toolkit  2. You do not need to be an E.ON customer to enter. 3. The competition will run from 11 November 2013 to 11 December 2013, 23:59. 4. The winner will be chosen at random from all entries. 5. The prize will be: £500 worth of Compliments Vouchers (a multi-store gift voucher that can be spent at 130 retailers and 450 independent stores making up over 20,000 outlets nationwide http://www.edenred.co.uk/reward-recipients/spend-capital-bonds/spend-capital-bonds/) 6. If you are the winner you will be contacted by Mumsnet within 2 business days of the prize draw. You’ll be asked to email your address details to the email address provided by Mumsnet. Mumsnet will then pass your delivery details to E.ON to send your prize. If you don’t respond within 10 working days you will forfeit your prize and we will pick another winner at random from the remaining entrants. 7. The winner’s prize will be organised by E.ON. 8. Competition is not open to E.ON employees or their families, or to the employees or families of agencies associated with this promotion. 9. If any prize is not available for reasons beyond our control, we reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of similar face value. There is no cash or credit alternative and the prize is non- transferable and non negotiable. 10. The Mumsnet nickname of the winner will be posted on 'winners corner' in competitions. Mumsnet will not send on your email address, phone number or MN name to E.ON other than for prize fulfilment purposes. We will ensure to only use your details for this project and not for any other purpose. 11. No purchase necessary. 12. Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 13. The promoter is E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd registered office Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8LG. Registered in England and Wales No. 3407430



1. Research carried out amongst UK parents of children up to 18 years by www.visioncritical.com in March 2013. 2. StayWarm and WarmAssist customers are unable to use the tool as they are on products which are non consumption based. 3. Electricity prices are based on 13.37p/kWh. Correct as of February 2013. Tumble dryer – using 3.83kWh per cycle. 





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