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EonWith the cold nights rapidly drawing in, we understand that it’s important to keep your house warm, while making sure you’ve got the best energy tariff available. And when it comes to getting the best deal for you, E.ON believes in making things nice and simple.

E.ON has been asking you what you’d like to see done differently over the past few months. So when you said that you’d like to have a helpline which costs less to call, E.ON listened and swapped to an 0345 number.

Next up, E.ON is tackling the much bigger task of simplifying its formerly-daunting tariff system to make it less confusing and more straightforward for you to see at a glance which tariffs are available, and ensure that your energy tariff is right for you.

Make sure you're on the best deal by visiting E.ON online, and using the new tariff comparison tool to compare rates.

How it works

To find out which tariff will give you the best deal, simply enter your details into the online tariff comparison form and it’ll automatically calculate which tariff is right for you meaning you’re free to choose which one suits your household’s needs best.


Plus, not only have E.ON made their new plans simpler and easier to compare, but there’s now some new rewards on offer, like money off your E.ON energy bill, or free Tesco Clubcard points. What rewards you can get depend on what which choices you make about your account, like whether or not you opt for dual fuel, or pay with Direct Debit. Pre-payment customers can earn rewards with their E.ON Prepayment Reward plan.

And now there's a new loyalty reward on offer, for when you've been with E.ON for a year or more. *

  • Find out which rewards you could get

* exclusions apply, rewards not available on all plans

Last updated: over 3 years ago