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Everything you need to know about sharing your plan

What the heck is a sharing plan, and how does it even work? We know you probably have lots of questions, which are hopefully answered below:

FAQ1. How is a Shared 4GEE plan better value?

You pay less for a Shared 4GEE Plan than you would if everyone was on a separate 4GEE plan, or if you had separate plans for all your devices. It's like buying things in bulk from a supermarket, and getting a better deal the more you buy.

2. So how much shared data do you get on the plan?

A shared plan gives you up to 20GB of sharable data for everyone to play with, and unlimited calls and texts for all the phones. 

3. When and how can I add people to the plan?

You don’t have to set everyone up at the same time. You can add people as and when their previous contract finishes.

4. Do I need to get a new phone with the plan?

People don’t need to get new 4G-ready phones to be on your shared plan. While older phones won’t be able to use the 4GEE network, they’ll work on our 3G network just fine.

5. Do I get a separate bill for every person I add to the plan?

A shared plan makes managing your family’s devices easy. And because everyone shares the same plan you only get one monthly bill.

6. What if I go over my data limit by accident?

It's impossible to go over your shared data limit by accident. We'll send everyone on the plan a text when your data is running low and another one when it has run out. We'll then send a text to everyone on the plan asking if they want to buy a data add-on. Then another text once the data's been added.

7. Can I add a tablet or laptop to the plan?

You can add devices to your plan, too. Say you’re streaming a film – if you add your phone and tablet to your shared plan you can switch from one to the other and all the data comes from the same pot.

Last updated: over 3 years ago