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Win a HTC One with EE

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Tell EE how you teach your children to share, and you could win a HTC One.

EE believe that life is better when you share so they have launched their Shared 4GEE Plan. It allows customers to save money by sharing up to 50GB of data with up to four friends and family members. You can add other devices, such as tablets and laptops, and get unlimited calls and texts too.

With sharing in mind, EE recently invited Mumsnetters to submit their best tips on how you teach your DC to share. You came up with some really great responses and we've picked out a few of these below. You can also submit your own tips for a chance to win a HTC One smartphone.


Tips to get your children to share

Give exaggerated praise


"I found that giving exaggerated praise for sharing, and if they can't share, taking it away completely, has worked well. Both of the children now understand that it's better to share than not having something at all, and that games are more fun if they play together. It doesn't always work of course, but I've had comments about how well they share and how nicely they play together so something must be going right." Blatherskite

"Children like to start sharing food really early on - you giving them some, them giving you some. So make sure I praise this sharing highly, and then build on that to get them sharing other things."LoveBeingOnholiday

Let children choose for themselves

"Every time, we [have] to buy toys/gifts for my kids, we will let them choose their own kind of toys. We make sure that they understand that they have their own toys to play now and they shouldn't fight with each other." Umabritmum

"Our theory was simple when dividing something to share - one divides it and the other chooses which they want. It is guaranteed to make them do it fairly!" Fishewen

Setting a timer

"With toys or games, I sometimes use a timer with a silly foghorn noise." WowOoo

"I use a really big sand timer to give the children a visual reminder of how long they have for their turn. I also comment when I 'share' a biscuit or whatever with them - just to remind them that sharing things has its rewards." MacNCheese


Leading by example

"My husband and I do over-exaggerated sharing with each other in front of our toddler. He's such a mimic that modelling behaviour works really well for him. It doesn't always work when he needs to share with other children but in the family setting we're getting good results." Daville

"We lead by example. So we always offer and share snacks, food, drinks. Often we offer DS something before we have had some. This way it's normal behaviour to share, you can't expect your child to share with others if you don't share with them." Tvstand

"DS is an only child, but we do a lot of modelling of good sharing behaviour (including not always sharing equally if its something special) in the family." CMOTDibbler 



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