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Feeling Good with Ecover in 2012


How often do you turn up the music and dance around the house whilst you are doing your usual cleaning routine? We have been told by women across the country that it helps make the cleaning more fun and even helps burn a few extra calories.

In 2012 we want to spread the word about Feel Good Cleaning and the benefits of not only having fun whilst you clean but Feeling Good about the products you have chosen to use in your home.

Natural ingredients

Ecover is made from plant-based and mineral ingredients, contains no nasties and is a kind choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. With no persistent chemicals, optical brighteners or foam boosters and an ecological factory, incorporating a green roof and water saving cleaning processes, Ecover is the smart choice to future proof generations to come.

Sustainable, renewable sources

Not only are our cleaning products kind to you, your family and your home they are made from sustainable and renewable ingredients, our methods and processes are independently validated by Vincotte and even our bottles are made from Plant-astic, which is a renewable plastic made from sugar cane, so it’s great for our planet too.

Many of our products have been dermatologically tested and approved – look out for the logo on the front of our packs. 

Feel good in 2012

Ecover is calling for the nation to pick up their mops, dirty dishes and laundry baskets and to 'Feel Good' this year as we unveil the new craze that will sweep the country and get everyone dancing to 'wok and roll'. This is the essence of Feel Good Cleaning, to have fun with the housework however you clean; and when you are using Ecover it means that you have more than one reason to smile…

What gives our Ecover users that little lift

  • Listening to my favourite record really loud and dancing around gives me a sense of achievement and brightens up my day
  • Love Actually is the film I stick on when I am feeling under the weather and need a little pick me up
  • After a long day, I most enjoy some peace and quiet at home to make all my worries fade away
  • Spending time with my partner/family is my favourite past time
  • Recycling household waste/rubbish is my feel good, good deed
  • 70s disco is my favourite genre of music to get me up and dancing
  • Spring is the season which makes me feel good
  • I'll never miss my favourite feel good drama of all the shows on TV
  • As presenters go, Stephen Fry really does have the feel good factor…


Last updated: over 3 years ago