Bedwetting - top tips for a dry night


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mother and child

Although there are any number of reasons why a child might wet the bed, there are some useful steps any parent can take to help tackle the issue. DryNites expert Dr Penny Dobson MBE, founder and former director of ERIC, the UK charity for bedwetting, has these useful tips.

Penny’s top tips

• Ensure there is easy access and lighting to the toilet at night.

• Encourage a good level of fluid intake throughout the day but try to avoid sugary and fizzy drinks, especially towards bedtime.

• Encourage children to go to the toilet before bed without prompting.

• Don't put off family holidays, sleepovers or school trips. Using disposable absorbent pants will help children cope with bed-wetting while away from home.

• Seek help and advice from your doctor, health visitor, school or practice nurse if worried. Some practices may have specialist enuresis clinics managed by nurses or health visitors for one-to-one advice.

• Don't be afraid to talk about it with other parents - remember that bedwetting is more common than many people think.



Last updated: over 3 years ago