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Teaching our children body confidence | Dove

Girls change enormously during adolescence and they often become hyper-aware of the way they look and the way that others see them. A simple comment about appearance can be enough to send a girl’s anxiety soaring and her self-esteem plummeting.

Dove's ambition is for beauty to be a source of confidence, not anxiety. The Dove Self-Esteem Project was founded in 2004 to ensure the next generation of women grow up to be happy and content, free from misconstrued beauty stereotypes and the burden of self-doubt.

All of the articles and activities on the DSEP website have been created with the support and input of Dove's incredible team of parents, independent experts and researchers:
the Dove Self-Esteem Project Advisory Board.

With more than half (54%) of girls citing their mothers as their primary role model*, Mumsnet is working with the DSEP, to give mums the information they need to help raise their children’s body confidence.

* Source: Real Truth About Beauty Revisited – Dove Global Study 2010


What does it mean to be a good role model?

How can you be a good role model for your kids? We have some help and advice that will help you to leave a positive and healthy impression on your children.

Get your school to book a free workshop now

The DSEP made a donation of £250,000 to Beat (Beating Eating Disorders) to deliver free self-esteem workshops for 11-14 year old school children. Already, thousands of children have taken part so get your school to book a free workshop now.

Something for everyone

Mums, teachers, youth leaders and mentors are helping the DSEP reach 15 million young people globally by 2015. Please help us spread the word and get the teachers and youth leaders you know involved too.

Media influence on body image

How does celebrity culture influence your daughter? The DSEP offers practical articles and activities to start talking to your daughter and give her the skills she needs to resist media stereotypes.

Help her see beauty is not a competition

Do you notice your daughter comparing her looks to others? While this is a normal part of adolescence, it can also be a slippery road for her self-confidence. Help her to rewrite the these messages and watch her body confidence grow.

Read, send, talk, share

The new DSEP website is jam-packed full of articles, videos and games for you to read, send, talk about and share.

The DSEP has self-esteem covered

Self-esteem issues affect children in different ways, so the DSEP website covers six broad topic areas.

Getting involved is easy

Tackling body confidence can be hard, but getting involved in the DSEP is easy. A simple conversation about body confidence with your child could make all the difference.