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Discover what makes Pampers so special


Earlier this year, eight keen Mumsnetters were recruited for an exclusive insider's tour of the Pampers Research & Development Centre in Schwalbach, Germany.

On the trip, the Mumsnetters were able to see for themselves exactly what makes Pampers the UK's leading nappy and wipes brand* [*data source Nielsen P12M values sales data to December 2013] as well being the first people to see and try the three newest Pampers products before they went on sale. 


Research and understanding

Pampers have been leading the way in nappy development for more than half a century and we are proud to be creating products from a perspective that puts babies' needs first.

  • "I found the tour of the Pampers R&D Centre fascinating! I had no idea of the amount of research that went in to creating a nappy, or the continuous work that is done to constantly improve the product." Sarah

Each new product produced is the result of love, care and years of research from our experts, who are committed to creating nappies and wipes that look after your little one with our best possible Pampers protection.

R&D Centre facts:

  • Each week, over 1,500 babies wear Pampers nappies in the playground lab and take our nappies to try out at home.
  • Pampers makes more than 45,000 nappy changes at the R&D Centre every week.
  • The state-of-the-art skin lab runs various tests each day to measure the level of protection that is being provided by each Pampers nappy.


What Mumsnetters thought

As well as a tour of the Schwalbach Research & Development Centre, we gave our Mumsnetters an exclusive insider's look at our new innovations before they reached the shelves.



What Mumsnetters said: 

  • "The trip reinforced my positive opinion of Pampers but has also changed my belief that all nappies are the same. Pampers are a leading brand." Lyndsay
  • "I will always use Pampers as long as my son needs them because I now know I am using a great product. Keeping him dry and comfortable is paramount, so why choose anything less." Fariba

Watch Fariba's video below to hear why her experiences at the Pampers Innovation Centre further strengthened her loyalty to the brand.



Exciting new products

Below is the reason why we visited the Pampers Research & Development Centre – to unveil our exciting new product innovations.


Pampers New Baby

PampersNew Pampers New Baby, from the Pampers Premium Protection™ range, wraps precious skin in unbeatable protection so your newborn feels nothing but your love. Once your newborn has arrived, there's nothing more precious than the moments you spend together and it's only natural that you want the best possible nappy to protect your baby.

New Baby offers quick absorption and softness, thanks to its unique Absorb-Away layer™ now with a longer absorption patch, to quickly draw wetness and runny poo away from skin, while the nappy's navel friendly shape* provides a comfortable fit around the belly.

To help you through those challenging first changing sessions, Pampers New Baby also features a wetness indicator, that turns blue when your baby pees, indicating a possible nappy change.

  • "I think the nappies are very good value for money as they are reliable, light and very absorbent." Elle

*Sizes 1 and 2


Pampers Active Fit

Pampers Active FitGive your baby the freedom to play with new Pampers Active Fit. You may be amazed to discover just how much playing can help your baby in their development. To allow your baby to explore more, new Pampers Active Fit, from the Pampers Premium Protection™ range, is specially designed to fit their every move and provide our best protection with up to 12 hours of dryness.

Our new nappy fits around the waist, legs and bottom to support movements like rolling or stretching while a new longer absorption layer absorbs even better, no matter how your baby moves. That's why Active Fit has been voted Nappy Product of the Year 2014*.

  • "The Active Fit nappies fit brilliantly because they are so stretchy. The absorbent layer is amazing, it keeps my baby really dry and yet the nappy is so thin. They are also beautifully soft." Stephanie

*Winner Nappy Category, survey of 11,941 people by TNS


Pampers Sensitive Wipes

New Pampers Sensitive Wipes come with a unique Soft Grip Texture™ to clean more gently with less wiping. Being super soft and now 15% thicker, your baby will feel nothing but your love during changing time.

Pampers Sensitive wipes are perfume and alcohol free and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, showing that they are kind to baby's skin.

  • "The wipes performed even better than I expected. I really like how thick they are." Sarah  

Don't take our word for it though. See what our eight Mumsnetters thought about the new product innovations for yourself by watching the videos. 



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