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Despicable Me 2 - Mumsnetter screening

What did Mumsnetters think of the film?

Manchester Screening

400 lucky Mumsnetters attended a preview screening of Despicable Me 2. See what they thought of the event and the film below.

"Big, big thank you Mumsnet for a really fun afternoon. We all loved the film and the chance to meet a couple of real life Minions!" OldBadWantsNewBag

"Have to say a big thank you - we had such a brilliant time and both kids were thoroughly worn out with happiness when we got home." ExasperatedSigh

"DS4 gives it 30 billion stars...he REALLY liked it! He was laughing hysterically at some bits, I felt a bit bad that he was laughing so loud but has loved it!" 5madthings

"Me, my husband and two boys really enjoyed Despicable Me 2! It was such a good morning and the kids were so excited to meet the minions! We would all give it 5 stars, and would definitely recommend to friends and family! Kids loved it! As did me and the husband!" Kirstypatience

Despicable Me 2 Screening Masked

Despicable Me 2 Word Cloud

Kids with balloons

"Wow. How brilliant was that! Exceeded my expectations and was as good a sequel as I ever could have hoped. The boys had a great time and so did we! The 'Fun in the Foyer' was fantastic and we now have balloon minions and coloured in posters and two very tired boys!" missusjen 

"The sequel is as jam-packed with action and humour as the first, and we'd give it 5 stars. I won't wait for it to come up in conversation - I shall grab people by the lapels and insist they go and see it!" FiletMinion

"It's that rare example of a sequel being as good as the first film. Everyone should go!" 

"Amazing visuals, superb soundtrack and great storyline – what's not to love? This is one that you need to see in the cinema. Once again a big thank you to Minionsnet…er…Mumsnet for the wonderful show." Jacintaz3



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