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Why cotton is still Britain's favourite fabric

Cotton usaSponsored by COTTON USA

Ever wondered what fabric mums love best for their babies? A study into British shopping and clothing habits by COTTON USA has revealed that cotton is our favourite fabric to buy and wear regularly, thanks to its softness, comfort and durability.

That could well be why nearly three quarters of the nation say cotton is also their favourite fabric for babywear too. And, a third of us feel certain that better quality clothes are made from natural fibres, with cotton proving to be the most popular fabric for our underwear, sheets, towels and sleepwear, demonstrating the all-round versatility of this timeless material.


Why mums love cotton

Mum and baby

Cotton is a natural fibre with comfortable, breathable qualities that have been valued for several thousand years. These days cotton gently covers the soft delicate skin of our newborn babies and continues with us through our entire life. The ideal fabric to have next to your skin, cotton's "skin-loving touch" is another important characteristic.

Cotton absorbs humidity inside and emits it to the outside, playing a role as a natural air-conditioner. And, last but not least, cotton is easy to clean and durable in most situations – the perfect fabric for anyone who's busy (and we know you are)! 


Quality with U.S. cotton


The USA is one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality cotton, with cotton having been part of American culture in 14 southern states for centuries.

There are tens of varieties of cotton, but less known is that just as a winemaker chooses special grapes to make a specific wine, textile mills carefully select cotton with appropriate characteristics in order to produce the best quality product dependent on when and how it is likely to be worn.

So, the strong, durable qualities of cotton grown in Texas, make it perfect for denim while the long, strong, lustrous properties in pima cotton, from Arizona, is better suited to a fine shirt or blouse.




The COTTON USA trademark can be found on quality clothing and home textile products that are manufactured from cotton grown in the USA. This ensures that you receive cotton's superior characteristics of softness, purity, comfort and durability.

It can currently be found on a whole range of products including underwear and t-shirts at Bodas, jean collections at Replay, key bed linen ranges and on premium towel ranges at Marks & Spencer and Christy, with the towels also being available at John Lewis and House of Fraser. More information on COTTON USA and the benefits of U.S. cotton can be found at www.discovercottonusa.com.


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* Based on research conducted in March/April 2012 by Cotton Council International and Cotton Incorporated as part of the Global Lifestyle Monitor .


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