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What Mumsnetters like about sponsoring a child

Plan UK asked Mumsnetters what it was about child sponsorship that they liked, or what made it stand out for them and their families. Here's what they said.

Mumsnetters on sponsoring a child

"I can actually see what the money is doing for my child and the local community."

"My donation is hopefully giving a better education to the children in the area, which together with better infrastructure will mean she can have the hope of a better life. Unless we make this kind of difference, the world will never change."

"I very much subscribe to the notion that one person can't change the world, but the world can change for one person. The extent of the poverty and need around the world can seem overwhelming at times, and whatever you give can seem like just a drop in the ocean. Knowing that a real individual - with a name! - is benefitting from your gift is encouraging, and I like to think that the child I sponsor may one day go on to help her own community in some way, so there is a ripple effect."

"I also like sponsoring a child because it gives my daughter a very direct, personal insight into what life is like for a child less fortunate. She can see the benefit of giving, and knows that we help another child of her own age who doesn't have all the advantages that she does. Talking about poverty or charity in an abstract way wouldn't have the same effect."

"I like the idea that "my" little girl overseas knows that there is a real person far away who cares and takes an interest in her as an individual, someone who thinks that she matters."

"I have been sponsoring a child since I started my first full-time job in 2005. I liked the idea of feeling connected and being able to see a direct impact from my donation. I receive a yearly update on how my sponsor child is doing with a message or picture from her, I do feel like I am making a difference to my sponsored child’s."

"It is a direct way of seeing how one's charitable aid is benefiting someone in a tangible way
It seems that it can really make a difference to the path that a child's life takes."

"I have always thought it a nice personal way of giving to charity and one where my own child
could be directly involved."

Mumsnetters also shared their thoughts around what it is about Plan's child sponsorship programme they liked

"I currently sponsor through Plan. I have been sponsoring a little girl called Fatimah in Indonesia for 6 years. It really brings it home that your money is making a difference to real people, not just statistics."

"I sponsor a child through Plan UK. I decided to donate money in this way and looked at a few charities. I liked Plan UK's literature and work - something about their tone sits well with me. They're not mawkish or patronising."

"I sponsor a child through Plan. I think it is a very worthwhile and important charity."

"I find the focus on children compelling as I'm convinced that by helping the most vulnerable members of a community benefits that community as a whole."

"It is reassuring to know that Plan is well established."


Last updated: over 3 years ago