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In 1844 a revolution began. This Revolution was called The Co-operative. We have already helped hundreds of thousands of people to bring their ideas to life, and now we want to empower even more revolutionaries to get involved. To keep communities thriving, support co-operatives, protect the environment and respect animal welfare.

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In 1844 a revolution began...                                                              


The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers scheme offers mentor training to young people.

It provides sporting activities in communities where they may not have been available previously, and lets volunteers explore new possibilities and gain new qualifications.


The Co-operative's Green Schools Revolution is bringing exciting and engaging activities to classrooms across the UK.

One school to benefit from partnership with The Co-operative is Sir Thomas Boughey High School in Staffordshire, as featured in the video.

Click The Co-operative Green Schools Revolution logo below to learn more or to get involved now.


The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy is the UK's only co-operatively run film academy.

It gives 14-25 year olds from all backgrounds the opportunity to gain skills, confidence and hands-on experience at summer camps where they work with industry professionals on feature-length films. It also provides a variety of year-round educational opportunities.

See even more revolutionaries in action at www.jointherevolution.coop


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